T-6 Superskills Series

Techincal Training Sessions



Our BRAND NEW Training series focused 100% on the technical training every player needs.


The T-6 Superskills Series provides high level coaching on six key technical themes, to improve your game.

T1 - Beat the Defender - elimination skills

T2 - Advanced passing techniques - aerial, reverse, slide pass

T3 - Back of the net! - creating & scoring goals

T4 -Don't give it away - using disguise in your game

T5 -Win the ball back - The art of defending

T6 -Game changers - Corner specialisms (Drag flick, hit, injection, trap, deflections)

The T-6 series will run as individual sessions with the flexibility to book on as many sessions as you want. Sessions will be run in various venues and on various dates, giving optimum flexibility for you to attend a full series or multiple sessions on the same technical theme and even multiple series. All caoching is bespoke to your development needs, so rest assured if you attend 5 sessions on one theme, you will be given extended coaching each session, building your skills appropriately for you.

Age/Ability level

The Superskills Series is for players aged 12+ who train/play regularly at Club, School or County/PC

who already have strong basic skill set, ready for advanced skills training.

T-6 Superskills Series

is starting on the 26th July

Every Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

until 25th August


Armitage Sports Arena, University of Manchester. M14 6PA

Times 9.30am-12.00pm & 13.00 - 15.30

£22.50 per session or £40.00 per day.


Please note

Tuesday sessions are T1 & T2

Wednesday sessions are T3 & T4

Thursday sessions are T5 & T6

To the next Level and BEYOND..

Our T-6 Superskills series are set in a friendly, inspiring environment the ambition is to push the boundaries of your comfort zone .  We will make sure you are being challenged at your own level, by coaching in smaller groups by experience. You will further develop your technical skills with practice and video analysis.  We also add in some 'free play' time to give you personal space to practice under flexible supervision. Join us, push yoursellf and train hard with a smile!