Player Development Workshop

Is you club aware of the current player development concepts?

We offer a workshop, which sits alongside your player, coach, umpire pathway or can be used as a standalone  workshop for your players and parents. In addition this is useful for all coaches, managers, captains.

Player Development at the heart of the club.

This 3hr workshop is for coaches, parents, players, umpires, managers, captains or anyone else who is a 'gatekeeper' in the club. A gatekeeper is someone who is involved in the process of moving players across different environments at any point in the season. E.g. moving between teams.


The workshop aims to:

  • Give everyone the current philosophy of Player or Talent Development.

  • Apply some of the key research areas to

    • the individual player journey,

    • how to support the player as a parent, coach or club.

  • Discuss and explore ways of achieving this across your club.

  • Gain experience of using the knowledge to inform your conversations as gatekeepers.

  • Identify any cultural changes required.

The 360.HOCKEY team have a wealth of experience and knowledge with club and National Age Group Programmes in the UK. Behind this experience lies a vast understanding of the wider sporting player development philosophy and practice,. We can identify and deliver change or improvement to your clubs player development delivery, which can give you significant gains in performance and outcomes.


Our experience has brought to life the player development philosophy, across clubs, EH Performance Centres, NAG programmes for England, Scotland and Wales, with positive outcomes at all levels of the game.

Programme costs - £ on request