Specific Roles and Responsibilities

Goalkeeper- The initial save is usually the keepers and they need to ensure that all the players are not running in their line of sight. The Goalkeeper needs to try and identify the threat of the opposition and then prepare to log if the hit seems like an option or to be upright for the flick or to move and cover angles if variations are used. If unsure of the threat then the keeper needs to prepare in a position where it is quick to log but also easy to remain up for the flick or variation. It is crucial that the keeper is not caught in between these two options.

No 1- The 2:2 has the advantage of the left slip being the responsibility of the Head Post Player. No1 should therefore be mindful of the potential for the ball to be slipped right, beyond their own left foot. The key role is to and close down the angle for the drag flick/strike at the top of the circle and the slip ball to the opponents right. If the initial strike goes past your right foot towards goal, you must turn in and physically protect the Goalkeeper, enabling your post players to clear the ball off the pads and reacting to any rebounds before the opposition.

No2- The key is to adopt a position that protects the line that the ball that would travel to get back to the injector. This position must be such that anything going inside your left foot would go towards the goal and is therefore the responsibility of the Head Post player or Goalkeeper. DO NOT USE REVERSE STICK HERE. In addition and after the first strike/save you must turn in and physically protect the Goalkeeper, enabling your post players to clear the ball off the pads and reacting to any rebounds before the opposition.

Head Post- In the 2:2 you should run out is a straight line level with the P spot. From here you take responsibility for the left slip. It is important that the line taken is on the inside of the opposing left slip so that they can close down on their forehand and also offer protection directly behind No1. If the opposition slip the ball right then you must try to get back into the deflecting zones. Stay square on to the shot initially, never take anything on your reverse/down your left foot (leave this for the Goalkeeper) and as the shot comes in turn in towards your Goalkeeper to pick of their pads or block the rebounds.

Foot side Post- Stand in a balanced position with your left foot in line with the left goalpost. Your initial responsibility is to defend the goalkeepers foot side of the goal low and high. If the first shot is saved by a logging goalkeeper you must clear the pads quickly. You must also take responsibility for the attackers slipping the ball right. If you see the ball moved

you must look to get in line with the new shot angle and close down as quickly as possible to apply pressure on the right striker. Finally if the attacking side look to exploit the now vacant deflecting zones then you must try to step up and into




No 1

Close down angle for drag flick/strike from top of circle, Cover RS, Run stick to ball, Don’t over commit and get eliminated

No 2

Close down angle for drag flick to the left and be in position to pressure the Left Slip option.

Protect the P spot for block/deflections (especially on LS ).

Head Post

Cover your right post initially from drag left, Clear from GK neck upwards, Block off re-bounders to allow foot post to clear off GK, Aware left deflections

Foot side Post

Cover left post initially from drag flick, then foot side gap between GK and post for slip right option and deflections, Clear from GK neck down and don’t ‘fish’ in front of GK.