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Session & Practice Design

A wealth of


We have the know-how you need.

Need more ideas on designing practices. Learn the key elements of successful practice design that will take your session into new directions.

There is a lot of 'noise' around the 'should and should not do' in coaching at the moment! It is confusing for sure. We aim to help you make sense of it all and give you the essential information you need to focus on effective practice design.

Practice design is a fundamental process to coaching

This 3hr workshop is for anyone who is planning a session or practice for juniors, youth, adult hockey sessions. Regardless of the level the process of planning is the same, so join us to make sure you have the up to date knowledge to design strong effective practices and session structure.


The workshop aims to:

  • Give everyone an overview of the current 'noise' around practice design and what you need to focus on. The ambition of practice.

  • Go through practice design modelling.

  • Gain experience of using the model to create a practice for your specific coaching group needs.

  • Discover how to use CHANGE IT and SMILES.

  • Go through a session build process with specific targets for your specific coaching group needs.

Programme costs - £ on request

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